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The new Red Bull office in Stockholm is designed with an elegant palette of blue, black, gold and natural materials such as marble, leather and wood. It has taken its inspiration from the slim Red Bull can and the company’s enthusiasm for adventure and art. The need of flexibility for an office that likes to invite artists and guests to their workplace has made the design at parts movable, foldable and playful.





Red Bull with its sun, rhomb, bulls and font has given inspiration to the design. Leather furniture (bull), round furniture (sun), rhomb pattern in carpet and furniture and thin black lines (font) recurs in the office such as frames and furniture legs.
The reception and lounge is designed with an emphasis on flexibility. The custom designed reception counter is foldable and movable.  You can place it and fold it to fit different purposes.  Most of the furniture here is easy to move around. You can spin around and rock from side to side in the round sculptured seats or swing in the circle swigs.

Reb Bulls enthusiasm for sports, adventure, music and art among other things is shown in installations in meeting rooms where pictures of their opinion leaders is shown.