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"YU FU NAN" Restaurant, Beijing, China / INDOOR DE


这家位于北京杨梅竹斜街里的餐厅面积不足65平米,室内因年久失修破旧不堪,室内呈窄长型,面宽3米, 怎样在窄长的空间里容纳最多客人又区别于传统餐饮空间?设计师很巧妙的把空间弊端“窄长”元素直接用在外立面上,高低错落的排列使窗户灵动了起来,在天气变暖的季节窗户便可向外开启,即可通风也与室外窄长的街道有了和谐共处的情调。

Food is a really amazing stuff. You will think of an experience when eating a kind of food. Food imprinted with memories will always lie at our hearts, just as this restaurant opened by the designer. 

Located in the Yangmeizu Byway in Beijing, this restaurant covers an area of less than 65 square meters. Due to being out of repair for many years, the interior is shabby with a long narrow width of 3 meters. How to accommodate most guests in the long narrow space while differing from other traditional catering space? The designer cleverly applies the long and narrow elements of the spatial disadvantages into the outer facade. The well-proportioned arrangement enlivens the windows. In the warm seasons, the open window could not only ventilate but also create a harmonious atmosphere with the long and narrow streets outdoor.


↑ before 改造前


↑ after 改造后




“Fishing” refers to the Hunan fish. Therefore, it is “fishing”.   The interior VI and decoration elements are all based on extension. The wall plates, cups, business cards and the doorknobs are all where the details lie.




The skylight on the 2nd floor managed to survive after all sorts of complaints and tribulations. To our joy, the trees outside the skylight provide the sky with a feeling of zen and hope.




The designer does not have the ambition to overturn an industry. He only hopes to bring his hometown cuisine to Beijing and share with people in an environment full of love. We should live up to love and cuisine.








作品名称: 北京胡同里有条南方的渔
Name:The southern fish in the hutong.
所属类别: 餐厅
Type: Restaurant
面积: 65㎡
Space area: 65㎡
设计时间: 2014    
Date: 2014年
建成时间: 2015年1月
Completion date: 2015年1月
建成地点: 北京
Location: Beijing