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Dynamic and Contemporary Family Home in Montreal

A dynamic contemporary facade that hosts strong, cheerful color accents and exquisite wood works in its interior solutions – this is the De Gaspe House. This creation of “la SHED Architecture” is located in Montreal, Canada and has gone under complete reconstruction of an old building, achieving at the end its playful, homey and welcoming atmosphere that comfortably hosts the owners family.

A particularly interesting spatial arrangement of the living premises allows the interior to have open and spacious features, here the double height of the volume and the large widow-doors bring abundance of natural light and ventilation. The common spaces are all interconnected – from the simple and functional kitchen that consist of two stainless steel kitchen islands – the space go and transforms into soft sitting area with modern and elegant furniture and cozy looking rug. But undoubtedly the main focal point of these elegant and clear lined premises is the beautiful wooden bookshelf that stands on the strong orange staircase background, and their cheerful combination gives to the premise its unique character.

The wooden work throughout the house and at the exterior cladding is also noteworthy – it brings warm, clean and natural sensation into the material pallet selection and at the whole appearance of the house. The secluded courtyard and second-floor terrace adds to the charm and functionality of this family home – both are clad in light wood, and that creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The rest of the interior, including the bathrooms – is stylish, simple and elegant, black accents and fittings (especially interesting are the hexagonal bathroom tiles) accentuate and give the frame to the premises.