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Hotel Alfonso XIII in Seville, Spain

Originally built as the premier hotel to accommodate royalty and heads of state in 1928 for the Iber-American Exposition, Hotel Alfonso XIII in Seville, Spain has recently undergone a renovation.  The hotel is named after the king who commissioned its construction and the architecture reflects Spain’s past, blending Moorish, Castilian and Andalusian styles. Luckily, at the request of guests and focus-groups, many of the original details have been preserved. Stone arches, brickwork, wrought-iron balustrades, frescoes, crown moldings, and ornamental wood carvings have been left untouched allowing the beauty of the past to remain intact for today’s guests. 

Various dining venues on the property with settings that range from poolside/gardens to central courtyard offer guests a spot to sample everything from Lebanese cuisine to Spanish tapas to International gastronomic specialties. The Taifas restaurant serves up some of the best Mediterranean cuisine attracting both guests and locals.  If you’re looking for some specialty, hand-shaken cocktails, you’ll want to kick back at the American Bar post sight-seeing.

Terraza XIII Restaurant

Bodega Alfonso Restaurant

Taifas Restaurant

Taifas Restaurant

American Bar

151 luxurious guestrooms and suites with spacious, well-appointed interiors give guests a comfortable experience which balances authenticity with modern amenities such as high-speed internet. Sevillian ceramics, antique furniture, marble floors, crystal chandeliers, patterned area rugs, silk and linen walls, and mesmerizing views of the city center, gardens or courtyard all welcome guests to stay a while. 

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